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Starting an app business is a long bet with high risk and high payouts. You put at stake the time and money it will take to launch, promote and sell your product, expecting it to deliver outstanding value to the app’s users. If you succeed, having an application with satisfied and dedicated users can turn into a self-perpetuating machine and a great opportunity to make a profit or influence the world. It's difficult to say whether an app will be a game changer or not. However, many projects fail because they repeat some fundamental mistakes. Read the list below and try to avoid them.
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Remember back when every sci-fi book, TV series and film had a computer that could be operated by voice? The hero simply speaks, and the computer answers (though, it doesn't always give the answer the hero is looking for...). Well, the future is here - and there’s much more to it than you probably thought when you were a kid.
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