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A bot is a computer program that automates a task. Chatbots are, therefore, programs that automate conversation, both voice and text. In essence, a chatbot can simulate an intelligent conversation with a human. They generally make use of machine learning to gather conversational rhythm, beat and flow, and thus mimic human conversation.
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Chatbots are all the rage right now, and they're not going anywhere. Consumers expect to interact with brands with the help of many different channels, and chat is one of them. But chat-based communication presents companies with a brand new challenge: speed.
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Chatbots, from smart home assistants to automatic bank assistants, have become a very common way to quickly respond to users’ questions and needs. Their main benefit is that they help businesses scale effectively and support customer service with no harm to the user experience. Implementing a chatbot into your customer communication strategy can save you time and money. They have some limitations too - most of which result from the fact that they simply are not human. Let’s look at DialogFlow - a great solution for all your chatbot needs.
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