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Code review makes your code stronger, reduces the risk of overlooking major bugs and supports the culture of feedback. The process constitutes an inherent part of best practices in web development, so skipping it in your projects might be a big mistake. Luckily, it can be easily and effectively conducted thanks to numerous automated code review tools that are available on the market. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of providers! With our in-depth analysis, you’ll find a solution to fit your needs.
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If I were to tell you about the differences between working with an agency and working with a group of freelancers, I would definitely mention “process” as one of them. The same group of people working under an organization and working independently do almost the same job, except for the fact that the agencies have developed a lot of different wrappers and checks along the way. I would like to talk you through a few such checks which we do on a regular basis for our clients.
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In Netguru we deal with a huge amount of code review, because we consider it a vital step before deployment. Finding a good partner to share your code base with can be a hassle, especially with our 50+ projects on various technology stacks. This is why we created a fast and reliable smart Slack bot to help find great code-review partners. In seconds, with only a single command. Take a look at this magic.
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