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According to GitHub data, the most innovative tech companies, such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, or Google, have thousands of public contributions on GitHub. Is it a factor that promotes innovation within the organisation?
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Have you ever wondered how developers contribute in your organisation? Are you curious how your company stacks up against such big players as Facebook, Google or Netflix? Or maybe you just want to know how you and your colleagues, as developers, are doing in the organisation? This data was not presented anywhere. Until now. We used the GitHub API to build a platform that will present GitHub stats from any organisation you want. Now, you can verify the most active devs, compare companies, and track contributions in your organisation.
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As you probably know, there are two ways of dealing with Git development: one assumes that you push everything to master (single branch flow), and the second is all about multiple branches (multi branch flow). In this blogpost, I would like to share netguru’s story about migrating from one flow to another.
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