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Two of the most pressing issues in the world today are climate change and social inequality. Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, a California-based non-profit, aims to fight both at the same time. They hire and train young people to make households around Northern California more energy-efficient and provide adults from underprivileged backgrounds with free job training and placement in well-paying jobs in the construction industry. I spoke with Wells Brown, Director of Youth Programs at Rising Sun, about how they manage to achieve measurable environmental and social impact at the same time.
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He showed faces of politicians in a small book. And then it went viral. We spoke to Abdullah Alkhonaini, a man that rolled a snow ball in Kuwait. 
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Ruairí Doyle, Head of Product at Apps for Good, is transforming the way technology is taught in schools by turning young tech consumers into tech creators. Apps for Good partners with educators in schools and learning centres to deliver its app development course to young people between 8 and 18 years of age. Since 2010, the Apps for Good course has been delivered to more than 50,000 students in over 1,000 schools across the UK. We asked Ruairí how they achieved that.
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Abdullah Alkhonaini is a co-founder of Raqib50, an online non-profit website that holds Kuwaiti members of parliament (MPs) accountable by making their voting records and other work accessible to the public (parliament watch). The app is powered by Ruby on Rails, and tracks MP activities: suggestions, committee reports, votes. Raqib50 is run by a non-profit initiative. We spoke with Abdullah to learn more about his experiences with buidling a startup.
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