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A couple weeks ago, Marcin wrote a blog post about our internal help system and asked me to 'make it look better'. I was more than happy to work on enhancing user experience of this project, so I teamed up with Mateusz - our designer - to solve the problem.
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If you're shopping online, from time-to-time you probably have some additional questions to ask before buying. What fabric is used for this cool t-shirt? Can I return or exchange an item? Do you ship to Canada? Is that pink really that pinky as it looks on the photo? Our new open source extension allows you to interact with users and quickly add a Q&A section to your Spree store. Yey!
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Open Source App To Support Your Culture

We have just released our next open source project called ‘help’ - it’s a simple to run rails application for making it easy to reach out for help within small and medium teams.
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