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Let's HipChat with HipBot!

I’d like to share with you some information on our communication process and tools that we use internally. Maybe you’ll find it useful and helpful. Maybe it will initiate some changes, who knows? ;-)
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Most of the startups fail not because they couldn’t deliver the product. Startups fail because: they couldn’t find a big enough market (customers), they were not able to find an investor, founders fallen out with themselves or simply they run out of money.
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One of the most important books about software development I’ve ever read is “Kanban” by David J. Andreson. The book gives a brief introduction, based on a few gripping case studies, to Kanban as an agile software development methodology.
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Why groupthink doesn't work (for everyone)?

I have read two interesting articles about group thinking, brainstorming and other ways to improve ones creativity.
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...and how one of us HAS rented a bike 6 times.
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