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Enquire? Inspire! with Ania

As web apps development is a male dominated field, many tend to forget that the founder of scientific computing was actually a woman! Ada Lovelace, is considered the world’s first programmer, even though she has lived in the time when computers were not invented yet!
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Enquire? Inspire! with Dawid

Once upon a time, when an ‘apple’ meant only a fruit to eat, and ‘windows’ were used merely for letting some fresh air into a stuffy room, Marcel Proust was getting bored… He had some Time to Lost and he craved for any kind of entertainment. Suddenly he thought *My Oh My, why not to fill out a funny questionnaire? It’s jolly good!*. Well, more less. And of course, he thought that in French… But let’s put the historical truth aside and get back to the present. Inspired by the infamous _Proust Questionnaire_, we’d like to cross-question some web devs, Rubystis, entrepreneurs, designers, and all the people who mess around in the online community, to have a sneak peek into their geeky minds.
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Last PRUG speedy review...

After PRUG January turned out to be our little success – both in terms of attendance and presentations’ level – we were a bit afraid if we could repeat such good results and organize an equally interesting meeting.
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PRUG February... so soon!

Memories of PRUG January had no chance to fade away yet, and we’re already found ourselves in an organization rush for the next meeting.
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PRUG January!

Some of us may have regretted that the Poznan Ruby User Group meeting in December has been canceled, but we hope that “PRUG January” rewarded you for a long time of waiting.
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