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Managing projects can be a bit confusing - you are juggling a lot of tasks, and it’s hard to name one main thing you are responsible for.  Let’s try and see what makes up a PMs week at Netguru - hopefully, this will let you understand the role a bit better!
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Jira is a really popular tool for tracking bugs, issues, and project management activities in general so you would think that the wide range of option it offers are just common knowledge at this point, and the adoption of productive integrations and apps has been exploited to the point where it is really hard to do something more effective anymore. The reality is a bit different, though, and there are a few reasons why most companies do not take advantage of the full potential of Jira, the main ones being:
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Imagine the nightmare of every project team: all tickets in the sprint are done, but the feature itself is not working. Unfortunately, as I’ve experienced too many times before, such a scenario is not that far from the reality of project management. It all boils down to finding the right form of task description. In most cases, we balance between poorly described tasks, which results in extra clarification meetings or calls during a sprint, and exhaustive, detailed lists of requirements which tend to kill developers’ creativity.
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