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Products need to serve a purpose. Everything we do as designers, developers, managers, and founders should have clear objectives and aim to be useful and valuable for recipients and customers. It’s fair to say that one of the main goals of product design is to ensure the right product-market fit. And one of the best ways to verify a product’s usefulness is to conduct user testing sessions.
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You have an idea for a product. Excitement is going through the roof, you have all the ideas in your head, and you’re ready to start assembling the team. The business plan is flawless, all features are well described, and you even know the approximate date of releasing the product. But wait… aren’t you missing something? Are you sure that your potential clients will love your product? Is your solution going to fulfill their real needs just as you’ve imagined? Are you positive that it will be useful? If you don’t show your product to your potential clients, you can’t be 100 percent sure you will succeed. That’s why you should validate your idea by creating a prototype of your solution. In this way you can make necessary changes before spending money on developing a product that simply won’t work the way you’ve imagined.
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