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Future Trends for Python

Python can be used for many purposes, from web development to mobile app development to data science. It is the fastest-growing programming language and has already achieved substantial popularity according to Stack Overflow. The Forbes report states that Python showed a 456-percent growth in 2018. Quite a number, isn’t it? To put it in business terms, Netflix uses Python, IBM uses Python, and hundreds of other companies all use Python. Let’s not forget Dropbox.
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Node.js and Python are two established solutions for server-side application development. With either platform, your team can develop and manage web apps of any complexity and functionality. As an app owner, you might be wondering which tool to choose for your next project. The choice will not be easy, and to make the final decision you should be aware of the advantages and limitations of Node and Python, and, more importantly, understand cases and types of applications where Node.js could be better than Python, and vice versa.
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Don’t Be Afraid to Change Technology

Sometimes you might not be really sure why you ended up working with a certain technology. Here at Netguru, we have several cases of people switching software development technology (read about Jakub’s and Małgorzata’s adventures) or even their whole area of interest. That takes a lot of courage, but is it really worth it? So, here comes my answer to this question based on my own career twist.
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