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Currently, more and more applications have dynamic content. Users expect apps to be engaging, responsive and fast. If you want to live up to these expectations you will need a proven technology on the backend with interactive framework on the frontend. Otherwise, users might get discouraged from using your app and move to a competitor. Having tested many combinations we’ve found a great solution for quick development of dynamic applications. What’s our secret?
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Facebook has just made a huge gift to developers using their technology stack all over the world. The company made quite a number of announcements about the new releases of Facebook’s open source libraries. A lot of love was given to React developers, which is not a surprise, if we consider the fact that this view library has been growing in popularity ever since it was released in May 2013. React has received a new library for creating visual reality experiences, called React VR and a massive update to the reconciliation algorithm with the release of React Fiber. It has also received a new, refined version of its GraphQL client library Relay. The new version of Relay, called Relay Modern, introduces a variety of changes that are worth discussing.
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This week Facebook has officially announced React Fiber, a new version of its popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The news from F8 2017 - Facebook Developers Conference that took place on 18-19th April - raised many questions and concerns among founders who developed their apps using React. Is there anything to worry about? Does this mean that they will have to rewrite their apps?
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Do you remember to integrate error reporting tools in your backend and frontend JavaScript stack? Take advantage of the redux single application state tree and log user errors with the full application state. Make your single page applications more reliable and easier to maintain.
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