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The ICO industry continues to attract a lot of attention. In 2017 only, blockchain companies raised close to $4 billion. More companies are deciding to fund their business ideas using ICO tokens, and Herdius is one of them. The Berlin-based startup has chosen to raise capital through an ICO as a promising alternative to traditional venture capital funding. They needed to find a way to attract and convince investors to their idea.
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Several years of UX experience - in core-banking in a global bank and the fintech industry in both London and Poland - led me to create this list. The entries below are absolute must-haves when it comes to fintech products.
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9 Common Product Issues Fixed by a UX Review

UX review is a process during which we thoroughly analyse the client’s product, focusing on user experience and business value. It’s a diagnosis crucial before any treatment can commence.
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BarCamps are awesome. They are born from the real desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Equally. UXCamp Europe 2015 was no different - here is a few impressions from the event.
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