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Announcing: Transterra Media iOS App

At Netguru, we’re proud to announce that our latest iOS project — the Transterra Media mobile app — is now available for download. With the help of this application, Transterra Media contributors can use their iOS devices to upload media content to the Transterra Media online news marketplace and accept assignments from news publishers around the world. Even if you’re not a Transterra Media contributor yet, feel free to download this free app for your Apple device and see how quick and easy it is to publish media to the world’s largest online media marketplace.

What is Transterra Media?

Transterra Media (TTM), a Red Herring Top 100 Global laureate, is an online media marketplace. It offers a constant supply of pre-produced video and photo stories available for immediate use. Thanks to TTM, journalists now have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and produce professional, tailor-made, comprehensive stories to be used by publishers from all around the globe. With over 4000 contributors, Transterra Media is used by the largest news networks in the world, such as BBC, Vice, Time Magazine, CNN, Al Jazeera, NBC, The Guardian, Sky News, CBS and many others.

Our work on Transterra Media 2.0

Netguru has upgraded Transterra Media 1.1 to a new 2.0 version - an almost complete overhaul. In doing so, we revamped existing features including:

  • Redesigning the app’s workflow and general user experience (UX)
  • The uploader for images and videos. Adding your media to the app is now quick and easy thanks to a user-friendly interface. You can link uploaded media/collections to an assignment by choosing them from a clean and easy-to-read list. For story assignments, one or more items can be linked.

  • Streamlining the application process. Allowing application for assignments after accepting their Terms & Conditions and Insurance Policy by providing the information of beneficiaries.

  • Integrating the app with the Transterra Media website and Salesforce platform. All the information added to the app is synced with the website at Also, the app is integrated with the Salesforce platform, so all data from assignments are instantly uploaded to the service. This was implemented by the Ruby backend folks from Netguru and the Outbox team.

That’s not all we’ve done - we’ve also added some new features:

  • Integrating an in-app live chat. It’s now easier for users to request and submit media. They can add assignments by location and communicate with the Transterra Media production team using the chat tool. The in-app chat solution of our choice was Intercom.
  • Location tracking and location-based assignments fetching.

The new UX and user interface (UI) was built from scratch by the Netguru team:



Technologies used for Transterra Media 2.0

The app was developed using Objective-C. We made extensive use of ReactiveCocoa, a framework for stream-based functional reactive programming. This framework increases flexibility and makes the application more dynamic. Using the relatively advanced ReactiveCocoa was especially interesting and challenging for our dev team.



With the release of the Transterra Media iOS App, users can now exchange the latest news media in seconds, from anywhere. The app provides a truly real-time broadcasting experience, guaranteeing convenience, speed, and security. If you want to get the complete platform experience, visit the Transterra Media website (co-developed by Netguru).

Apart from iOS mobile app, we also took care Transterra Media's Android application development. You can find out more about our works in this case study - enjoy your read!

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