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What Have Happened at PRUG April and Why You Should Regret If You Haven’t Been There

PRUG April, just like previous editions, proved to be a successful meeting. This time we’ve combined presentations treating on Ruby/Rails with the UX-related topic.

Marcin Śpiewak from Użyteczny Poznań, at the request of Dawid, has agreed to give a lightning talk on one of his earlier projects. In addition to Jakub we’ve welcomed 2 newbies - Adam and Tomek. On the top of that, Robert Pankowecki from DRUG has joined the meeting at the very very last minute notice.

The meeting has been launched by our guest speaker - Marcin.The main initiator of Użyteczny Poznań elaborated on the redesign of the real estate search browser - During his talk he has described the situation of the portal at a time when he was the project’s leader, and enumerated the basic objectives and guidelines brought to the redesign team. Later on, he explained how, and using what methods, these goals were successfully achieved. For most of us - rubyists, this was a bit exotic theme, but isn’t the purpose of our meetings to open us on the new topics and to force us to learn too? The full video with the Marcin’s speech is available in the net.

Next presentation was delivered by our friend from DRUG - Robert Pankowiecki. Robert decided to share with us the experience that his company has collected while writing a real time communication app, additionally combined with an SMS sending system based, to a large extent, on EventMachine. He has highlighted some juicy ‘gotchas’ encountered by the colleagues from Wrocław, such as cultural differences or how to write numbers in Arabic. Robert also broached the interesting subject of helping in open source community by reviewing projects’ codes, detecting not tested application’s parts or code’s elements refactoring.

Another speech during the meeting was given by Jakub Żuchowski. Jakub talked about his experiences with the implementation of Backbone into the Rails app. It has triggered a nice discussion as at this point everyone could chime in with their own ideas. All together we’ve tried to resolve issues and concerns which Jakub came across during his adventure with Backbone. You can take a glimpse of the prez in the form of code prepared to live demo here.

Finally the time has come for our PRUG freshmen - Adam and Tomek. Adam, with his presentation on “Feature-based workflow with Git and Pivotal Tracker” showed how using Git Pivotal Tracker gem can easily improve your work. By mastering the method, it’s almost unnecessary to look into the browser in the search of the next task from the issue tracker, or a number identifying a particular ticket. The entire presentation is available here. Tomek, in turn, raised 2 topics - first made a gentle introduction to the issue of writing test in a way to not to query the database; then showed a problem he has encountered while stubbing a chain of calls, to finally end up with presenting his Expects_chain gem which solves the problem by the usage of mocking method. In the second part of his speech he has nicely described the process of creating the gem. You can have a sneak peek of Tomek’s presentation here.

Thanks to the unexpected Robert’s participation, the PRUG April’s official part - meaning the presentations - has been marked the longest so far in our history! Thank you for visiting and welcome back! After about three hours of speeches and interviews, some of us joined the unofficial part;> The next PRUG meeting will be held on the 24th of May. See you there!

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