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Where we have NOT landed up at the end of the PRUG MAY meeting...

...and how one of us HAS rented a bike 6 times.

Behind us, another successful PRUG meeting. Behind us, another successful PRUG meeting. Unfortunately this time we were not visited by our Ruby colleagues from Wroclaw, but we need to admit that they had a real solid justification, summed by Robert Pankowecki with a great meme - “I don’t always miss PRUG … but when I do, I have a wedding”. Congrats from across the Poznanian Community, Robert!

As usual, well prepared with liquors and good humour, we started to welcome our visitors from 18.30, waiting for the meeting’s launch till the arrival of the final guest at 19.20. After the previous, veeeery long meeting, this time we had ‘only’ two presentations in the agenda - Wojtek Ogrodowczyk, based on the daily basis in Barcelona, and Krzysztof “Rubymaster” Jabłoński (recently German to the bone;) paid us a visit.

Our first speaker Krzysztof, elaborated a bit on the subject of “URL session, use on your own risk!”. He had briefly described the ways of storing session and presented their pros and cons, to finally introduce a gem of his own, used for crating session with a special token stored in the URL. Long story short, as you can read on the github repo site “UrlSession stores your session in memcache (Dalli), puts it session_id every url and parses it in middleware.” This solution is quite risky, but in the field in which it had been used, makes sense.

Wojtek’s presentation has been far longer… He spoke on the various security issues in Rails, presenting a list of the 10 absolutely Must Know problems and situations that every good programmer should anticipate and protect himself against. It has triggered a vivid discussion, and almost every stage of the speech has been enriched by the thoughts from the audience. The most interesting is certainly the one about Smoku managing to rent by chance six times (!) a bike from the NextBike, just by browsing a history in his iPhone - they’re using GET for renting! Well done Paweł!

Needless to say that after the official part, the time has come for the unofficial one;) We got down to the nearby pub, and there, accompanied by the singing of a guitar playing guy, we chatted till the late hours. And only a lack of consequence, stopped us from changing the place for the more controversial one. Well, maybe next time…

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