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Wroclove.rb - Wrocław Loves Ruby Just Like Us

I was recently at the wroc_love.rb Ruby conference in Wroclaw — the largest Ruby event in Poland. As Netguru, we had the great pleasure of supporting wroc_love.rb and contributing to the Ruby community in Poland.  

If you are interested in my opinion, it was totally worth visiting wroc_love.rb to learn something new. I would like to sum up a few of my insights about the conference along with a couple of my favourite presentations. I strongly recommend checking them out online if you didn’t get the chance visit wroc_love.rb this year.

Lightning talks

I was a major fan of the lightning talks part where everyone could sign up with own talk. Some of them were less technical, some more so, but the best thing was that the content was so diverse that you could get a ton of inspiration in just 60 minutes. Taking into consideration the after-parties the day before and the fact that you’ve already been at the conference for 8 hours, resist the temptation to skip this last part and stick with it  till the end — it will be interesting for sure!

React Workshops

Workshops were kind of a new format for the wroc_love.rb first day. The main idea was to build React and Redux based application using Rails views supported by some provided HTML. I was impressed by the quality of the materials prepared by the organisers — top-class content with a lot of additional links. However, I was not sure if the asynchronous form was the best possible solution here. You were allowed to work at your own pace according to the initial instructions. I learned a great deal and it was very interesting, but I think that it might have been better if the materials had been available before the workshops.

Presentation 1 - Lessons of Liskov by Peter Bhat Harkins

This presentation by Peter was definitely the best during wroc_love.rb. Peter presented the liskov substitution principle and its usage in Ruby code. He talked about working with nil object, how to avoid nasty consequences that might occur regarding nils and how to make use of a NotImplementedError as a way of designing code. And of course, he elaborated superbly on Duck Typing. I strongly recommend this as a should-have-watched for every Ruby developer, no matter how experienced!

Presentation 2 - The Saga Pattern by Robert Pankowecki

The Saga Pattern was presented after Andrzej Krzydwa’s From Rails Legacy To DDD and this running order made perfect sense. The pattern he presented was somehow similar to DDD and so is based on similar foundations. Robert did a fantastic job by leading the audience from the most basic part, available to most developers without much refactoring, through more advanced code examples that even further highlighted the advantages of the Saga Pattern. Again, I strongly recommend seeing it!


As a summary, I recommend wroc_love.rb to both old-hands as well as beginners in Ruby. The topics covered a wide scope of technologies including Ruby, Rails, React.js, Deployments, NixOS, R Language, Robot Operating Systems and more. If you have the itch to learn new things, get inspired and also drink some exceptional beer during the after-party, get ready for next year!

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