Android Developer

Earn up to $4800/month on a contract basis


We are Netguru, one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. We maintain an unshakable passion for developing web and mobile applications for our clients worldwide and making a name for ourselves in the world of software development. We’ve built an informal yet professional culture based on strong values of transparency, collaborative spirit, regular feedback and continuous learning. 


Joining Netguru means:

  • working with an experienced team;
  • 100% remote work; we've developed a perfect remote work culture;
  • startup type projects – our clients come from all over the world, and we help them turn their dreams into reality and find the most suitable working solutions;
  • processes based on the Scrum and Agile methodologies;
  • dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review, and bug bashes;
  • continuous development of your hard and soft skills.

Apply if you have:

  • have worked in commercial Android Development for at least 2 years,
  • have extensive experience in maintaining applications, crash analytics, remote debugging and continuous integration,
  • have a track record in optimizing apps for CPU, data and memory usage,
  • are an expert in Java/Kotlin and Android SDK,
  • have experience with reactive programming using RxJava 2,
  • are familiar with Dagger 2, MVP/MVVM architecture, Android Architecture Components,
  • know HTTP-based services such as REST through and through,
  • have worked closely with clients and maintained positive relationships with them,
  • can communicate freely in spoken and written English (CEFR B2+);

We'll be happy to see that you have:

      • have a proven track record in developing and maintaining existing apps available on Google Play Store,
      • have experience with development using Android NDK,
      • are familiar with best practices in app security (code obfuscation, hiding user data, cryptography),
      • knew networking protocols,
      • contributed to the Android community.

In return, we offer:

      • 100-percent remote work;
      • your first paid assignment in 2 weeks;
      • work with an experienced team of developers and continuous development of your hard and soft skills;
      • a mentor who will assist you during your first days;
      • dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes;
      • long-term collaboration on challenging products (FinTech, B2B software, E-commerce and more).

You'll be responsible for:

    • developing top-quality applications for Android,
    • assisting clients in making good decisions and choosing best solutions,
    • improving internal Android development processes,
    • good news: you won’t have to manage the project as each project has a dedicated Project Manager.
Deadline: ongoing
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