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Senior Frontend Developer


PLN 16 000 - 24 600

+ VAT (Contractor)

PLN 13 300 - 20 500 Gross (UoP)

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Our mission at Netguru is to help entrepreneurs and innovators shape the world through beautiful software. We care about trust, taking ownership, and transparency. As a Certified B Corporation®, we offer a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all team members, and we’re always open to feedback. If you want to work from home and be a full time employee, great! We want to create the right opportunities for you.

  • Required skills: React, and/or Angular (>2), deep understanding of state / data management patterns, ES2015+, ECMAScript specifications, git, styling solutions, TypeScript, E2E testing
  • Perks: +1 000 PLN home office bonus, Multisport card, private health insurance, discounts on Apple products, development budget and more
  • B2B: +20 paid days off

Ready to apply? First check if you:

  • have proven 3+ years' commercial experience in building web applications,
  • have a deep understanding of at least one of the following: React, and/or Angular (>2),
  • know how to create DRY and S.O.L.I.D. code,
  • have a deep understanding of state / data management patterns and solutions (e.g. Redux / Mobx, ngrx, ember-data),
  • have a deep understanding of JavaScript and it’s quirks,
  • have a solid practice in using ES2015+,
  • Are up to date with the newest ECMAScript specifications,
  • are experienced in git,
  • have a strong knowledge of Bootstrap, Foundation or another CSS framework,
  • are experienced with different styling solutions such us: PostCSS, CSS Modules, styled-components,
  • have experience in RWD and mobile first approach,
  • understand Node.js code,
  • have knowledge of Continuous Integration practices and tools (i.e. CircleCI, Jenkins),,
  • have a solid practice with Javascript code testing (i.e. React Testing Library, Jest, Jasmine, Karma),
  • are experienced with typed solutions like TypeScript,
  • have knowledge of E2E testing (Cypress),
  • have some experience in Server Side Rendering / Static Site Generation, (i.e. Gatsby, Next.js),
  • understand the concept of Docker

Also it's required from you to:

  • have a good command of written and spoken English (min B2+); Polish is not required,
  • be ready to help Project Managers lead their projects from the technical side,
  • have experience in direct communication with clients - be a technological authority, eager to help them make informed decisions.

We will be happy to see that you:

  • have a deep understanding of Vue,
  • are experienced in configuring Webpack/ Babel / Prettier / Eslint,
  • are experienced in front-end performance and/or SEO optimisation,
  • are an open-source contributor,
  • are a conference speaker,
  • have experience with Node.js,
  • understand with Ruby or Python code,
  • are experienced with E2E testing (Cypress).

Perks & benefits:

  • Access to the WorkSmile platform offering benefits adapted to your preferences:
    • Multisport card,
    • Private health insurance package,
    • Life insurance,
    • And hundreds of other options to choose from 15 categories (shopping, leisure, travel, food, etc.)
  • Support for your growth - a book budget and a head/manager’s budget available to every employee,
  • Discounts on Apple products,
  • One-time 1000 PLN home office bonus,
  • Various internal initiatives: webinars, knowledge sharing sessions, internal conferences.

Joining Netguru means:

  • working with an experienced team – you have your own mentor and a leader of the dev group,
  • processes based on Scrum and Agile methodologies,
  • dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Review and bug bashes,
  • constant development of your hard and soft skills (e.g. internal Webinars, external conferences, access to multiple online courses and e-books, bi-weekly technology specific learning meetings),
  • having a real influence on your pay – do your job well and get a pay rise every 6 months,
  • startup type projects – our clients come from all over the world,
  • enjoying flextime and flexplace: adjust your daily schedule to your individual needs, work from the office or from home,
  • working on the best equipment: we will provide you with a MacBook and additional accessories for your computer to make your work even more efficient and comfortable,
  • having a smooth start: your leader and a buddy will support you and mentor you.

What does the recruitment process look like?

  • Application
  • An Email from our recruitment team if your application matches our requirements
  • Call with the recruiter
  • A task
  • Pair programming
  • Final stage - meetings with the Team Leader

If you need any disability-related adaptation at any step of the recruitment process – simply let the recruiter know! We'd be happy to help.

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