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I find Fall a perfect time to snuggle under a blanket with a cup of good coffee ready to go back to all books and interesting articles I’ve meant to read for the past few weeks. 🍂📚

And so I’m more than happy to share some articles on the topics that are close to my heart in this series of Codestories!

Having in mind that Covid is not letting its grip on us just yet, you’ll find more varied content in this series. 🖥 I’m sharing some pieces worth reading on the most effective remote setup (how is your home office?) and online collaboration, as well as apps that may help you spot first signs of burnout (relevant more than ever!).

As a Service Delivery Manager I also work closely with our delivery teams and focus a great deal on the business value in the product we create with our clients. Therefore, I shared some of my picks regarding product management and the Agile way of enhancing a team’s collaboration.

Enjoy! 📰

Monika Mroczkowska
Service Delivery Manager

🏆 Weekly Highlights

  • All about the new JSX Transform
  • How to avoid wasting money on your digital transformation
  • The waste industry can be a catalyst for innovation
  • Creating the ultimate Zoom-friendly office
  • Get the low down on Vue 3.0

🔥 News

Introducing the new JSX transform (React Blog)
The React team details its work with Babel to offer a new, rewritten version of the JSX transform for those wanting an upgrade.

Barcelona-based TravelPerk launches a new open API-based platform (EU Startups)
The new API targets developers, partners, and customers for integrating services with the fast-growing travel management system.

Europe's space startups going after Elon Musk's SpaceX (Sifted)
While SpaceX has been the dominant private company in the quest for space supremacy, many European startups are showing promise and producing their own breakthroughs.

Twitter is building 'Birdwatch,' a system to fight misinformation by adding more context to tweets (TechCrunch)
To battle rampant disinformation, Twitter is reportedly working on a crowdsourced tool that would help users more quickly report false information.

European Central Bank eyes digital euro, begins online experiments (Politico EU)
Consumers would be able to pay and exchange digital euros just like regular currency. The bank is eyeing 2021 for issuing the currency if it goes ahead with plans

✅ Must-reads

Digital transformation: 10 sneaky money-wasters (The Enterprisers Project)
Digital transformation remains a top priority for many companies. But it’s easy to sink money in the wrong place. This piece has recommendations to get the most value out of your investments.

Provide insights, not data (IoT For All)
IoT products produce a tremendous amount of data. While this is often quite valuable, product teams need a sound strategy for how they’re going to best use and interpret it.

Digital transformation: 5 ways the pandemic forced change (The Enterprisers Project)
The pandemic supercharged digital transformation in several ways. Several CIOs share their insights as to the wider implications of these rapid changes.

An audience with fintech's poster child: Stripe (Sifted)
An interview with Stripe executive Eileen O’Mara, who leads one of Europe’s hottest and growth-focused fintech companies.

🌱 Sustainable Tech

Check out recordings from our Disruption Forum Sustainability
If you missed our event, hear from all the speakers on how to use business and technology as a force for positive impact on society and environment.

The waste industry doesn’t have to be a wasteland (tech.eu)
These innovators are turning trash into not only profits but sustainable uses that is better for the planet.

Web design and carbon impact (Minimalism Life)
Have you ever thought of web design as a sustainability activity? It actually can be, as anything that reduces energy consumption is a boost. Check out these tips to transform your thinking.

💡 Get inspired

Solving Agile portfolio planning for Lawns ‘R’ Us (Xebia)
A tangible example in Agile portfolio planning for producing focused, outcome goals.

Self-organization: It’s really just a matter of trust (Management 3.0)
Trust is essential in any organization. To enable teams with greater autonomy, building up trust and psychological safety are essential.

What is a product manager? A different perspective (The UX Blog)
An original take on the many roles that a product manager must play and how they can best bring value to an organization.

What if you knew your device was making users unhappy? (IoT For All)
Developers have powerful tools for influencing user behavior with IoT devices. The challenge is in creating ethical usage patterns and how to

What will be the key retail challenge in 2030? (Rafal Salak)
Companies must put themselves in the position of the customer if they are to thrive in the new landscape. This was among the many insights gleaned from the TNW 2020 conference.

⚙ Tips & tricks

How I designed the ultimate Zoom-friendly home office (Fast Company)
A Facebook director details his complete revamp to his home office, optimizing the space for ultimate productivity and for a great Zoom background.

Six tips to being a better remote manager (The Enterprisers Project)
The shift to remote management hasn’t been easy. Here are some strategies to make for a better experience for you and your team.

This site has over a dozen free tools to keep you from burning out (Fast Company)
The risk of burnout is high for the many of us who are working from home. Get some practical strategies that can help you, no matter your work environment, better take care of yourself.

Everything about null in JavaScript (Dmitri Pavlutin)
A detailed post with code examples that covers all the key things you should know about null in JavaScript.

Optimizing your website with Fiddler and Lighthouse (Progress Telerik)
Inspect and debug web traffic with some this series of powerful tools. The author walks you through strategies for creating leaner sites.

Vue 3.0 — new features, breaking changes and a migration path (Vue.js Developers)
Looking to get the most out of the new Vue 3.0 release? This guide walks you through the syntax changes and provides other tips on getting started.

👀 Must-sees

🎥 Videos

What's new and different in Vue 3.0 (Academind)
Find out all the great features and new tools to learn with Vue 3.0.

The science of burnout (Katie Morton)
Want to learn more about what’s actually happening with burnout? This video gives a deep explainer.

Embrace the full potential of remote work (Netguru)
In this webinar we detail the vast potential of remote work and how it can open up the pool of great candidates for your company.

🖼 Design of the issue

Design of the issue – Fjaka website

Website project by Fjaka, a branding and experience studio from Sweden. Experience the website here.

🎙 Quote of the week

"The number 1 challenge for retailers will be to make sure that when they talk about customers, they actually put themselves in the position of their customers – and then think about enabling the customer rather than themselves... We're very much focused on what the customer needs, what the customer's experience is.”
Quotemarks icon.

Gavin Shetly, Vice President of Product, IKEA, at TNW 2020.

☕ After hours

Journalists are leaving the noisy internet for your email inbox (The New York Times)
Many tech writers are ditching their publications to go solo, thanks to a fast-growing industry of email newsletter platforms.

Autonomous sweepers keep roads clean in major Chinese cities (Electronic Design)
These electronic, autonomous vehicles have displaced large and gas-powered vehicles when it comes to keeping the streets clean.

A birthday reminder… to be nice (Engadget)
As Instagram turns 10, the platform is rolling out a series of new features to nudge users towards better behavior.

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