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A few weeks ago, we were considering whether the current approach works for us and how we can improve the workflow. The previous pipeline has not worked well and we decided to create a new one from scratch. I will not be writing about the whole workflow, it is not a part of topic but I'm going to tell you about one specific step in our pipeline. To solve our problem we will use a single event which comes from Github when pull request has been approved. The event triggers workflow on Bitrise. Unfortunately, Bitrise doesn't allow you to recognize the distinctions between pull request update or pull request approval.
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Welcome to the final episode of the tour around the Android platforms. In the previous part we focused on Android Wear. We explained how to prepare your project and we underlined the relevant usability requirements. In this article we will share with you the next part of the crucial considerations of developing for Android Auto. The platform was announced in 2014 at Google I/O. The idea behind it is to help drivers focus more on the road and less on their smartphones.
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This is second part of our tour around Android platforms. In the previous episode, we shared the most important requirements outlined by Google for Android TV apps. Now we are going to focus on Wear apps. What do you have to know before you start developing for Android Wear devices?
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This article is the first part of a tour around the Android platforms: Android TV, Wearable and Auto. We wrote down the crucial things that you should know before you get into building apps. We will not show you how to build applications for these particular platforms step by step, but you can find more resources which will help you do so on the Android Developer site. What we want to do here is show you the minimum requirements and restrictions you must know before you start. Hopefully this will help you build an efficient and effective application.
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