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An introduction to Highway – Our New Build System

You're probably thinking now about Xcode: has Apple allowed you to customize their IDE? Maybe I’ve missed something from WWDC? Not exactly. We’ve prepared a new tool for iOS developers to make the CI/CD integration process smooth. Why have we done that? After all, there is Fastlane, which does a really awesome job, and we also have tools for CI/CD like Jenkins, Bitrise, TeamCity, and many others. However, we have found that CI/CD can still be greatly simplified and improved. This article is about a solution that we developed internally, have been testing in our projects for quite a while, and want to share with the world.
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Keeping your code clean

Keeping your code clean - this is something that doesn’t always go hand in hand with programming, especially in a larger team where people can have different experience and code style preferences. You may ask "clean code - is it that important?". Believe me, it is.
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Introduction to HomeKit

Smart home devices aren’t something new for us. These days we have many things that you can control using your computer or phone. Not so long ago such things only appeared in movies but nowadays it’s a generally available technology. We can install a window opener in your house which is connected to the Internet or smart switches and door locks which we can open with your phone.
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