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During the last Netguru team dinner a friend showed me a neat feature of his fancy Samsung device - Gesture Control to Take a Selfie (detecting hand to take a selfie). For some time now I’ve been interested in machine learning and I thought of implementing this myself. To solve this problem I’ve used Object Detection API SSD MultiBox model using mobilenet feature map extractor pretrained on COCO(Common Objects in Context) dataset. Follow these steps to create a simple hand detection app and see the results of my experiment:
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Android development requires modern solutions, a mobile applications store big amount of data. SQLite project, a default Android database engine was launched in 2000 and has some alternatives like pretty popular Realm and quite new ObjectBox. Both products comprise NoSQL database and have a few things in common: DB built for objects, ACID properties, Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) architecture, core written in C++, reactive data observation and a multiplatform.
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Learning Kotlin is a pleasant process and only takes a few hours if you’re familiar with the Java programming language. :) The syntax is very intuitive, e.g. a when the block is more readable than an if block or switch. At Netguru, we had quite an adventure with Kotlin over the last few weeks while creating the Coolcal app. Here you can read about how we did it. In this article, I want to tell you more about what it’s like to learn Kotlin.
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