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Mobilization IX Summary

At the end of October, with part of the Mobile team, we took part in Mobilization IX - a conference dedicated to mobile technologies. Its main scope is the development of mobile solutions aimed at smartphones and tablets, with a particular interest in Android and iOS. 
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When I first heard about Flutter I thought - great… another mobile app framework. After several months I saw that the popularity of Flutter increased, and I was really curious why. I started a playground project and really fell in love with the simplicity of creating mobile apps in Flutter. But it wasn’t enough for me.
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Setting Up a Flutter Project

Flutter is a new cross-platform framework, developed by Google, which allows creating beautiful user interfaces that run from a single code base on iOS and Android. We started to learn Flutter while it was in beta release and we learned a lot. In this article, we want to share some fresh tips and thoughts about Flutter development.
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