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Where to Go: Best Ruby-Related Events of 2016

2015 is on its finish line, so I thought it’s a good time to plan my Conference/Events calendar for the upcoming year. It’s a subjective list of Ruby-related events in Europe scheduled for 2016. I want to visit at least half of them and see you somewhere between the talks!

BTW, it’s always a pleasant moment when you meet someone wearing a conference T-shirt (the same as you have in your closet) in a random situation - it happened to me a few times and it’s a nice starting point for a conversation. Pro tip: you can take a T-shirt one size bigger than you usually wear - so it still fits after few years of heavy development.

Ok, ok - here’s the list:

Bath Ruby Conference

I’ve watched the video summarising 2015 edition of the conference and I can feel the there was lot of positive energy between the talks and participating people. Moreover, you can visit Bath which has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage List for almost 30 years. Just check out the video and sign up for a new edition! 


For the 5th consecutive year, we have a 2-day Ruby-related event hosted in Wrocław. It’s aimed at more advanced programmers, as stated on their website: "Wroc_love.rb serves best to people who are already fluent with Ruby. The ideas presented at our conference are very advanced." Visiting this conference each year has a special meaning for me, because its premiere edition was my first experience with professional Ruby-related conference. Every year, the organizers from Wrocław do their best to give us the unforgettable experience - I’m sure they're preparing an amazing event for us!


I won’t lie - this is my favourite conference! If I was to choose one event to attend in 2016 - this would be the one. Amazing city, amazing speakers and top-notch organization - you can read more about the last edition on our blog. Previous edition was divided into two parts: Ruby and JS - this time, it’s going to be as full-stack as possible: "A week-long full stack development conference with a focus on solving current problems with new & inspiring perspectives." #cantwait

RubyConf Portugal

I couldn’t make it for the previous editions of this event, but 2016 looks promising and I hope I’m going to attend the conference. According to the timeline of this conference, it’s nicely aligned with FullStackFest - so you can make a trip to Iberian Peninsula, enjoy two beautiful countries - Spain and Portugal, and get yourself exposed at people talking about your favourite programming language - Ruby! Sounds like a plan, right? Again, watch their promo video: 

Arrrrcamp, Belgium

Ever wanted to be a pirate? "ArrrrCamp is a conference for the modern developer interested in Ruby, Rails or the industry in general." I really like the pirates atmosphere around the event - organizers do a very good job in maintaining an excellent event with interesting, thoughtful talk selection and a small size character of the conference - you’re able to get to know everybody in the room (or rather “on board”), and that’s a really nice thing.

See you there!

I hope to see you guys next year during those conferences! If you want to be up-to-date with events regarding Ruby, please visit - it’s a website providing all the info you need. If you know about an event, you can add it to the list using Github. Kudos to Jon Allured for the idea!

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