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10 iOS Posts You Can't Miss on Netguru Blog

Is learning to code better one of your New Year’s resolutions? Awesome! We wanted to help you out a bit, so we’ve prepared this set of handy resources about iOS development. It includes goodies for beginners, as well as tips for the pros. Have a good read, and have a great start to a code-tacular 2016!

Tips for iOS newbies

10 Great iOS Resources That Got Me into Mobile Development

Everybody needs to start somewhere, and a good, useful set of resources is extremely valuable for beginners. This list of tutorials, websites and other places of learning will help you improve your code and rapidly expand your skillset. Read more

10 Must-Know Tips on iOS App Testing

Testing apps is something every coder needs to learn (at least, in our opinion). This post contains many insightful tips about testing iOS apps, gathered from a webinar by Paweł Dudek. Read more

Open Source Projects

HTTP Debugging in iOS Made Easier with ResponseDetective

Netguru brings you a reliable tool for HTTP debugging that will ease your pains with NSlog and breakpoints. ResponseDetective is an open source project developed by our iOS team that was listed in the GitHub Top 500, and recommended by the community. Check it out! Read more

How We Tamed Swift Syntax: the Open-Source Style Guide

Do you remember your first experience with Swift? Or maybe you’re just getting started? Our team can remember theirs, and have come up with some extremely useful rules for newbies to follow. This is the basis of our open-source Swift guide. Feel free to read more about it and contribute on GitHub. Read more

Validation Easy as ABC with NGRValidator

Every developer knows that apps need external data validation at every step of a user’s path. Let us present to you the NGRValidator, an open source 3rd library for iOS apps that helps you build data validation into your app with just a few lines of code. The post describes how (and why) to use NGRValidator. Read more

Devise-iOS for Simplified Authentication

Authentication management in mobile apps tends to become a time-consuming task - nobody likes that. So can we speed it up? Check out devise-iOS, a simple client that lets you automate and integrate connections with devise. Read more

Tips for iOS Ninjas

Today I Learned: Reflection in Swift

Swift, the (relatively) new child in the Apple family, gets a lot of attention from its makers and is frequently updated with new solutions. Have you tried using reflection in your apps? This tutorial will help you get started. Read more

Everything You Should Know About Error Handling in Swift

As it turns out, error handling in Swift works differently to Objective-C, and exceptions won’t cut it in Swift. If you want to learn how to handle errors in Swift the right way, this tutorial will show you how. Read more

Hidden Gems in Swift You Didn’t Know About

Even if you build apps with Swift like there’s no tomorrow, you probably haven’t explored all the gems it includes - but that’s what we’re here for! This article presents a few lesser-known functionalities you’ll find in the latest version of Swift. Read more

The Insider’s Guide to Objective-C Generics

The autumn WWDC focused mostly on Swift, but the Objective-C enthusiasts also had cause for excitement: generics! A brand new feature! Here’s a tutorial that shows you exactly how generics work and where you can use them. Read more

Good luck with your coding, and may 2016 be a year of fantastic personal development for you! :)

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