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Recently while cruising through the internet I came across the NavigationAdvancedSample created by Google. As I was using a navigation component in my current project, I wanted to check it out, and it turned out to be a great decision. Google provided us with a very nice extension function. This function allows us to attach multiple navigation graphs to the BottomNavigationView. Let’s jump into implementation.
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Android application design problems During the development of an Android application I had to implement a custom design system where:
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In the previous post about Android Slices, we took a look at their possibilities, created our first Slice and tested it in different modes. In this article we will focus on more advanced slices which can take in-app actions and fetch data from our application. Let's take a look at Interactive and Dynamic Slices.
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Android Slices are a brand new way to display remote content from your application in many different places, such as Google Search (and Google Assistant in the future). We can think of them as interactive, templated views. Thanks to standardized rules how Slices can be created, they can be used across many different Android versions. Slices are part of Android Jetpack, which makes them backwards compatible back to API 19 (KitKat) - so Slices will be available almost to all users of Android devices.
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