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Google I/O 2017 was quite revolutionary. We’ve seen a lot of amazing new products announced and heard that Google will be investing a lot into machine learning-related technologies. This year’s I/O was also extraordinary for Android developers, as we’ve finally received official support for Kotlin (yay!) and a brand new collection of Android libraries called “Android Architecture Components”.
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Android Components Comparison: MVVM vs MVP

It’s 2017 and 9 years after android emerged, Google on it’s yearly I/O conference finally left the status quo and became somewhat less liberal in terms of recommended apps architecture. For years folks at the Android Team didn’t really join any architecture-related discussions, as they only cared that developers properly use Android SDK entry points, aka Components (Activity, Service etc.).
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Every one of us wants the same for our apps. We want them to contain a richer feature set, appear more stable, and be used by more users, not to mention having quicker development cycles. This can cost a lot of your most important resources: time and money. Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone has already made the solution ready to be used as a service?
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You know the feeling: too much to do, and too little time to do it. We’ve all been there. Writing good code while under pressure is obviously a great challenge. Fortunately, when it comes to development on Android, there are tools to speed up the process. We asked our Android Developers what tools are their must-haves at work. Check them out and make your work easier.
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