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I can imagine this article's title made you think: what is a keyboard layout guide? I've never heard of it! Is there a marvelous yet hidden API in the iOS SDK that significantly improves keyboard handling? The answer is: unfortunately not. This article is about a solution that I have been using for at least three years, and it is surprisingly simple and works pretty well. But let’s start from the beginning.
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A recipe for Apple In-App Purchases with Ruby

In-App Purchases (IAP) is a widely used method for unlocking content in an iOS application. Though the "heavy lifting" (the payment itself) happens on the client side, it's highly probable that you will need to somehow respond to that payment on the server side, and that is what I'd like to talk about briefly in this article.
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In our previous article from the Pragmatic iOS Development series, we discussed the Model View Controller pattern and why (in my opinion, unrightfully) it is criticised within the community. I also mentioned two things about selecting perfect architecture for your project. The first thing was that there’s no happy medium that fits all of the use cases. Secondly, in the last sentence of the article, I gave a sneak peek of the architecture you’re going to fall love with, MVA. But there’s one thing I lied about: that there’s no architectural approach you can fit to any project you can think of. The truth is, such approach exists. And hey, good news: we’re going to focus on it today, and I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of this approach.
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CloudKit as MBaaS

These days, almost every mobile application is connected to a server. Very frequently, companies decide to write their custom servers, but when your application doesn't need to run a complicated task on a server, maybe it is worth to use BaaS (Backend as a Service). Services such as Google Firebase or Microsoft Azure after a short configuration are able to provide backend that is enough to meet the needs of most applications. In this blog post, I'll try to present capabilities of Apple's BaaS, which is CloudKit. I will start with the three biggest advantages of CloudKit which are Initial configuration, Price and Security & Privacy.
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Drag & Drop in iOS 11+

Intro Introduced in iOS 11, designed to be used on iPads between multiple apps, but works also on iPhones within one app. All discussed code can be found in demo app.
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“Now close your eyes and try to imagine your future surroundings in, say, five, ten, or twenty-five years. Odds are your imagination will produce new things in it, things we call innovation, improvements, killer technologies, and other inelegant and hackneyed words from the business jargon. These common concepts concerning innovation, we will see, are not just offensive aesthetically, but they are nonsense both empirically and philosophically."
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