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ARKit Continuation

Recently I published an article with the entrance to the ARKit which briefly presented the minimum knowledge that is needed to create something inside augmented reality. We know what is the ARSCNView for, why we need to implement the ARSCNViewDelegate and how to run the ARSession. The demo was pretty straightforward as its main purpose was to receive information from the camera and detect the currently visible surface by attaching proper graphic onto it. User interaction was only limited to pointing the camera at desired spaces and waiting for the results that were calculated on the fly.
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Entrance to the World of ARKit

ARKit is a pretty fresh API that was released by Apple in June 2017. It has opened a wide range of possibilities for developers to create iOS applications with a completely new approach. For people that are not very familiar with that technology, it may seem a little bit overwhelming to dive into augmented reality world and start developing all of the new features that are available right now. Fortunately, things are not that bad at all and in this short blogpost I will try to present it to you.
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