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Introduction HubSpot is a great platform for marketers and content creators. It gives them the power and freedom to create the pages they want easily, without the need to involve developers in the process. 
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We, developers, find ourselves in fascinating world of bursting technology. It changes rapidly, not waiting for anyone. We have to adjust. I will show you today how to use CircleCI 2.0 as a workhorse for your end to end tests.
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CircleCI 2.0 - Concepts' Explanation By Example

CircleCI is a widely used and extremely flexible continuous integration tool. The new version, 2.0, was presented in July 2017. A support drop for the previous release has also been scheduled: 31 August 2018 is going to be the date. Until then, each project should be migrated to the new version. This won't be an easy task at all. This post is designed to help you out with this process by making it smoother and easier to tackle.
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The web development world is changing fast. I feel that we are moving towards splitting monolith web applications in two, by extracting backend part into an API. This solution, even though it has many pros, it brings in some difficulties as well. One of which are end to end tests.
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