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Introduction Have you ever wondered what it takes to build good IoT product? How much effort does it take to create useful solution which will work safely and serve many clients? It can take a lot of time to do it. Fortunately there are some services like Google Cloud IoT or Amazon AWS IoT which try to help developers overcome all of common obstacles and make the work much easier. Today we will talk more closely about Amazon services. The main goal of their platform which was launched in 2015 is to offer tools that will help to spend more time on product development and not on common tasks that could be easily automated.
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Swift has been around for some time now, and it is becoming a more and more appealing solution, not only for mobile and macOS developers – the next frontier is the server side! The ultimate aim is to enable developers to build complete products solely in Swift, with backend and frontend. Swift,  which is a fast and safe language by design, has recently gained support from a few important players with their frameworks for building server-side Swift applications. The three most frequently used frameworks are Perfect, Vapor, and Kitura. Let’s compare them!
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I’m amazed how much mobile developers despise SQL. It’s fast and efficient way of storing data, proven in battle in so many years. I guess the reason of that for many of them, myself included, is the way we were taught at universities. For a beginner programmer, it’s quite a challenge to dive in into SQL, with its complicated queries and non-intuitive relations. I remember being overwhelmed and repulsed by it. For the same reason, I hated C for so long. I guess it takes time to appreciate a technology fully, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing a low-level language project is much bigger than creating something with the use of easier, ready-to-go solutions.
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