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You're probably thinking now about Xcode: has Apple allowed you to customize their IDE? Maybe I’ve missed something from WWDC? Not exactly. We’ve prepared a new tool for iOS developers to make the CI/CD integration process smooth. Why have we done that? After all, there is Fastlane, which does a really awesome job, and we also have tools for CI/CD like Jenkins, Bitrise, TeamCity, and many others. However, we have found that CI/CD can still be greatly simplified and improved. This article is about a solution that we developed internally, have been testing in our projects for quite a while, and want to share with the world.
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Getting started with CircleCI isn’t so hard, but understanding how it all works and what we can do with this tool is a little more complicated.
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Continuous Integration in Kotlin Multiplatform projects requires a slightly different approach comparing to the Native ones.  In this edition of Kotlin Multiplatform Guidelines we will focus on explaining the possible CI implementation working with the Android, iOS, and Spring backend platforms developed with Kotlin Multiplatform. 
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