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If you live in the world of tech, there is an excellent chance that you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Docker, along with the claims that it is set to change the face of programming. There’s no denying that the powerful container platform is making waves, but what is behind its meteoric rise to popularity, and should you be jumping on the bandwagon?
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We, developers, find ourselves in fascinating world of bursting technology. It changes rapidly, not waiting for anyone. We have to adjust. I will show you today how to use CircleCI 2.0 as a workhorse for your end to end tests.
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The web development world is changing fast. I feel that we are moving towards splitting monolith web applications in two, by extracting backend part into an API. This solution, even though it has many pros, it brings in some difficulties as well. One of which are end to end tests.
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Have you ever spent a lot of time setting up your project after system update? Or maybe your operating system is too old and libraries contained within it don't allow you to use newest programming libraries? Finding exact versions, manually resolving dependencies and compilation from source sounds familiar to you? Maybe your projects require different versions of database or you need different database settings for different projects.
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