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Using Firestore, you will probably want to query the data in some way before fetching it. If you have experience in .NET or .NET Core, there is the Entity Framework package, which allows you to do some querying operations before returning data. When it comes to Firestore, you can mostly do the same things! There are some limitations, but firstly, let’s talk about the possibilities.
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There are cases in which you will want to change your app’s appearance depending on where it’s being used. For example, you may want to display different content in some regions or change the color palette depending on the user’s location. Today I will show you how to do it using Firebase Remote Config and our great Sticky Parallax Header library!
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There are multiple ways to create a successful marketing campaign for your mobile app. But not so many developers know that it can be achieved with Firebase tools! Let’s take a look at two very useful services that will boost your app. Setting them up is really easy and shouldn’t take much time even when you’re not a very experienced React Native developer.
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