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If you're in the front-end business for a couple of years now, you probably remember what was it like to create websites using plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (with a pinch of jQuery I assume). If you do, you also remember the pains of being front-end developer – handling the complexity of web typography, struggling with image optimization, preparing proper image sizes for various screen resolutions on your own. Imagine how much time did you waste on tasks.
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Runtime of Algorithms Based on the Input Size

Have you ever wondered how will your code scale up or how runtime of your function will change depending on the input size? If yes, you are in the right place and in the next few minutes, you will learn how to look at your code in terms of performance and scalability. 
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A few weeks ago, we were considering whether the current approach works for us and how we can improve the workflow. The previous pipeline has not worked well and we decided to create a new one from scratch. I will not be writing about the whole workflow, it is not a part of topic but I'm going to tell you about one specific step in our pipeline. To solve our problem we will use a single event which comes from Github when pull request has been approved. The event triggers workflow on Bitrise. Unfortunately, Bitrise doesn't allow you to recognize the distinctions between pull request update or pull request approval.
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It should not come as a surprise that CSS in modern web development is far from perfect. Nowadays, projects are usually quite complex and, given the global nature of styles, it’s extremely easy to end up with conflicting styles that override each other or that implicitly cascade down to elements we didn’t consider before.
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