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Server-Side Swift

When you want to write a backend, you mainly think about frameworks that work with Java, C#, Python or JavaScript, but a new player has come into town recently. Most people associate Swift with development for Apple desktop and mobile platforms, and while they are not wrong, Swift is capable of so much more! After all Swift's author, Chriss Lattner jokingly said:
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Swift has been around for some time now, and it is becoming a more and more appealing solution, not only for mobile and macOS developers – the next frontier is the server side! The ultimate aim is to enable developers to build complete products solely in Swift, with backend and frontend. Swift,  which is a fast and safe language by design, has recently gained support from a few important players with their frameworks for building server-side Swift applications. The three most frequently used frameworks are Perfect, Vapor, and Kitura. Let’s compare them!
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