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In our previous article from the Pragmatic iOS Development series, we discussed the Model View Controller pattern and why (in my opinion, unrightfully) it is criticised within the community. I also mentioned two things about selecting perfect architecture for your project. The first thing was that there’s no happy medium that fits all of the use cases. Secondly, in the last sentence of the article, I gave a sneak peek of the architecture you’re going to fall love with, MVA. But there’s one thing I lied about: that there’s no architectural approach you can fit to any project you can think of. The truth is, such approach exists. And hey, good news: we’re going to focus on it today, and I’m going to tell you how to take advantage of this approach.
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As a developer I’ve always enjoyed reading architecture-related articles. What I liked most about them was how they pointed out the possible downsides and upsides of using one type of architecture over another.
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