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Some time ago, Google introduced a new part of Android Jetpack, DataStore. It’s a library that is supposed to replace SharedPreferences. This is the reason for the catchy title: Sooner or later, all of us will probably be forced to switch to DataStore. There are some similarities between those two APIs, but DataStore offers more flexibility. It comes with two different types of storage. The first one is simple key-value pair storage, just like SharedPreferences. The second type, Proto DataStore, is more interesting and complex. It’s based on Google’s Protobuf library and allows us to create more complex data structures. The whole DataStore is currently in alpha. Before we dive into details, let’s take a look at the comparison between DataStore and SharedPreferences.
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Foldable phones are getting more and more popular. Companies are racing to get the best foldable experience out ASAP. What’s in it for us? A mix of opportunities and pitfalls ^^!
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Many Android Developers have had some bad experiences using Fragments. There are many issues connected to them, e.g. the lifecycle or animations to name a few. Fortunately, the Android team addressed some of these problems in the two latest releases of the Fragments library. The most recent version is still a Release Candidate but in this article, I want to show what functionalities it will bring and what the future of Fragments will look like.
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Android application design problems During the development of an Android application I had to implement a custom design system where:
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