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Top 5 design patterns in OOP with TypeScript's implementation - code included.   We all use design patterns in our code. Sometimes, it's unnecessary, but it could give a nice and understandable structure to your architecture. Since TypeScript is getting more popular, I decided to show some of the popular patterns with its implementation.
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JavaScript is taking the IT job market by storm, yet many aspiring software developers worry that learning the technology may not be the best way to land their dream job. They are not wrong to carefully consider their options, as other languages dominate particular niches on the market, such as Python in the case of data analytics. What are the reasons to learn or polish your skills in Node.js, then?
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The era of static websites has passed. Now users demand dynamic content and application like look and feel. Instead of constantly reloading the page and hitting F5, the page should adjust itself automatically. Many of this can be accomplished with simple asynchronous requests from javascript. But what if you want to update your app only when there is a new data available on the server?
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Monitoring & Vertically Scaling Node.js Applications

The term horizontal scaling has lately become so popular that I now consider it a meme. Everyone talks about it, tries to implement it, but in fact, most of the companies or projects don’t need it. It applies unnecessary complexity to infrastructure, makes troubleshooting harder, forces you to just care about more machines, requires you to maintain and provision a load balancer, and possibly change the way you deploy your application. In most cases, scaling your application by just giving it more power and memory would be totally sufficient. This term is known as vertical scaling.
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