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PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are with us for some time now. Yet, each time I was trying to explain it to our clients the same question appeared, “Will my users be able to install the app using App stores?”. So far, the anwser was no, but this changed with Chrome 72 and a new feature called TWA (Trusted Web Activities). 
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Creating functional PWA for iOS is tough and requires a lot of workarounds, but it is possible - as you may have seen in my previous article - Few Tips That Will Make Your PWA on iOS Feel Like Native. I wrote that article a few months ago, but unfortunately, it is not outdated yet - support for PWA on iOS is still really poor.
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I recently had the opportunity to work on a fantastic research and development project at Netguru. The goal of the project (codename "Wordguru") was to create a card game that anyone can play with their friends. You can check the outcome here.
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