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What I Appreciate in Netguru as a QA

Currently, we’re living in times when the IT labour market is exploding. As a Quality Assurance Specialist, Project Manager, or Software Developer, you won’t struggle for long when looking for a job. There is a huge number of enterprise software development companies, startups, or even big companies looking for talented people. Nearly two years ago, I decided to work as a QA specialist for Netguru. Why exactly did I make that choice and would I do it again?
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When our test suite grows we start to notice that some parts of our code get duplicated. Duplicated code decreases readability and is hard to manage since eventual changes or fixes have to be propagated to all duplicated parts. Solution to such situation is to keep your code DRY meaning ‘Don’t repeat yourself’. This is one of the most basic programming  principles that we should also use while writing specs for our applications.
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There comes a time in life when you have to find your way, when you graduate from the university, or your secondary school, and here you are – young, ambitious and full of ideas. But where should you start? The market seems to be full of job ads. As a less experienced professional, you are looking for some opportunities such as internships or traineeships. So you start sending out CVs, and you are impatiently waiting for replies. I know this feeling, I was in this kind of situation too. I finally got my shot at a great career, and I would like to share my thoughts and experience with you about Netguru’s internship programme in the Quality Assurance department, which I had the pleasure to take part in.
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Down the Rabbit Hole of Mobile Testing, part 2: Automation 101

In the previous blog post, you learned some basic stuff about mobile testing. Today we’ll focus on tools for test automation.
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Down the Rabbit Hole of Mobile Testing, part 1: Prelude

Imagine you are a tester. Suppose that there is something to be tested on a mobile device. Now ask yourself: how? In this post, I touch on a plethora of mobile testing related topics. Let the fun begin!
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Last month, our Netguru iOS team (also with a few Rails people!) took part in a webinar by Paweł Dudek about testing iOS apps and if you are thinking now meh, another boring obligatory webinar, check this out: after an 8-hour workday, not a single participant left a more than 2-hour-long Hangout before it ended! I'm afraid that if I wrote about all the things I've discovered, you'd finish reading this next day, but I'd like to share at least these 10 tips I’ve learned about testing iOS apps. 
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