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It’s really happening! We’re excited at the prospect of inviting you to Netguru’s first ever iOS workshops.
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Today I Learned: Reflection in Swift

With the introduction of Swift at WWDC one year ago, came something equally revolutionary for iOS and OS X developers – playgrounds. Not only are they a great tool for rapid prototyping, but, more importantly, they’re the best tool for showcasing your work, by taking advantage of rich documentation and ready-to-play-with code snippets.
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The first time I saw error handling on WWDC's Platform State of the Union, I thought "here we go again... exceptions". It quickly became clear that Swift's error handling isn't the same as Objective-C exceptions. So what does this error handling look like? Where are the differences? Let’s dive into it!
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Obtaining beginner's experience through the net can give you knowledge about the best online resources for iOS developers. Here's our share for all of you, future iOS masters!
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