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Hello SwiftUI! June 2019 was mind-blowing for the Swift Developers Community. During WWDC, Apple announced a brand new framework for creating UI – SwiftUI. Long story short, it’s a declarative framework that can massively reduce the time needed for creating and refactoring views in our apps. This blogpost is meant for people who already have a basic understanding of SwiftUI. Otherwise, a good primer on the subject is the WWDC 2019 session number 204 – read this first and then come back here!
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There is a massive number of iOS applications available on the App Store these days, and every single one of them looks different. Despite that, there’s one thing that most applications have in common: lists. From the early days, iOS developers had access to the famous UITableView and used it a lot. The UITableView, however has some major limitations. It has to be vertical, and there’s not a lot you can customise about its layout.
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