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Hello SwiftUI! June 2019 was mind-blowing for the Swift Developers Community. During WWDC, Apple announced a brand new framework for creating UI – SwiftUI. Long story short, it’s a declarative framework that can massively reduce the time needed for creating and refactoring views in our apps. This blogpost is meant for people who already have a basic understanding of SwiftUI. Otherwise, a good primer on the subject is the WWDC 2019 session number 204 – read this first and then come back here!
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There is a massive number of applications available on the App Store these days, and every single one of them looks different. Despite that, there’s one thing that most applications have in common: lists. From the early days, iOS developers had access to the famous UITableView and used it a lot. UITableView, however has some major limitations. It has to be vertical, and there’s not a lot you can customise in the layout.
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