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By integrating your application with Salesforce, you help to streamline data and business processes across systems.

Salesforce Integrations help your applications streamline data and business processes across systems.


Why Salesforce + netguru?

If you are a business owner, we’re sure you treat customer success and business growth as a priority. Taking this into account, we would like to introduce you to Salesforce. This CRM solution lets you streamline the sales process, collect more high-quality leads, improve customer service and organize data into reports that help you plan the next steps in the business.

Salesforce offers interesting options to integrate with other services, which is right up our street. Netguru developers have all the know-how and expertise required to seamlessly connect Salesforce to your product. If you are looking for a development team who knows Salesforce like the back of their hand - you’ve come to the right place! We’ve released commercial, open source and internal projects related to the platform - check out a few of them below.

More about Salesforce projects by Netguru

Wombat (Spree) Salesforce Integration

What is Wombat? It’s an automated e-commerce solution brought to you by Spree, the e-commerce platform we’re also partnered with. For Wombat, we’ve developed an integration that lets you store all your sales and customer data from Wombat in Salesforce. The data can be grouped according to different criteria, for example: products, orders or customers. You can read more about Wombat-Salesforce integration in a case study on our blog.

Transterra Media Salesforce integration

Take a look at the news broadcast by the largest global networks: BBC, CNN, NBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Time Magazine, The Guardian… The list goes on and on. Can you imagine their feeds without rapid sharing videos? That’s what Transterra Media is behind. It’s the app that facilitates the process of uploading and selling video content in a snap. Yes, it is used by all the networks mentioned above - even more! The integration with Salesforce consisted in seamless data synchronisation between the two platforms, collecting data related to purchased media, buyers and sellers.

Datamine - Internal Netguru Project

As many businesses would surely confirm, collecting and extracting the most valuable leads is time-consuming and laborious.To make the whole process easier, faster and more automated, Netguru developed a custom-made tool - Datamine. It searches for missing information on the leads (names, contact info, position, company, etc.) added to Salesforce. Once the data collection is complete and all lead profiles are updated, special Salesforce scripts (also developed by our team) filter the leads list and help us gather valuable contacts.

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