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    Learn what’s next for payments, and how to leverage robots, API and design to boost your product

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    • Trends that will dominate payments for years to come
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    Key talking points

    • Design Trends and Ethics

      Learn major trends that will dominate the finance industry and if there is an ethical limit to design

    • Payments Disrupted

      Learn about new ways of payments, crypto currencies, and when BNPL serves companies and users best

    • Open Innovation

      Get to know how to leverage ecosystem of APIs, platforms and fintechs

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    Disruption Forum Speakers

    Meet our experts:
    • Andrés López Josenge

      Andrés López Josenge

      VP of Design at VISA Europe
    • Nivin Al Kuzbari photo

      Nivin Al Kuzbari

      Head of Design at Société Générale
    • Sven Dörfel SumUp

      Sven Dörfel

      VP of Product - Online Payments & Risk at SumUp
    • paulina_BNP

      Paulina Skrzypińska

      Chief Innovation Officer at BNP Paribas Polska
    • Savitri Bishnath

      Savitri Bishnath

      Entrepreneur in Residence at Citi Ventures
    • Charley Ma photo

      Charley Ma

      General Manager of Fintech at Alloy
    • Adyen_Jakub_-24 (1)

      Jakub Czerwiński

      VP CEE at Adyen
    • Julian_Grigo Solarisbank

      Julian Grigo

      Co-Managing Director of the Digital Assets at Solarisbank
    • Shelley_Armstrong

      Shelley Armstrong

      Head of Design at Finastra
    • P1133687

      Olov Eriksson

      Chief Product Officer at Pleo
    • Richard Banfield headshot

      Richard Banfield

      VP of Design Transformation at InVision
    • Nicolas Knecht Solarisbank

      Nicolas Knecht

      Co-Managing Director of the Lending Unit at Solarisbank
    • Sifted headshots 027 (1) (1)

      Isabel Woodford

      Fintech Journalist at Sifted
    • Adam Bialy

      Adam Bialy

      Chief Product Officer at OpenPayd
    • LukeFurnell

      Luke Furnell

      Product Manager at Starling Bank

    Disruption Forum Fintech: Agenda

    Please check back here for agenda updates and other exciting announcements as we get closer to the event.📍The event is hosted on Hopin.to.
    5:30-6:00 PM CET

    Grab a Brew and Log in - Registration and Networking

    Take your time to look around
    6:10-6:50 PM CET

    What’s Next for Product Design - Trends for 2021 and Beyond

    Speakers: Andrés López Josenge, VP of Design at VISA Europe; Shelley Armstrong, Head of Design at Finastra; Nivin Al Kuzbari, Head of Design at Société Générale. Moderator: Richard Banfield, VP of Design Transformation at InVision.
    6:55 PM - 7:10 PM

    Commodifying Crypto. What's to Expect from DeFi and Blockchain?

    Speaker: Julian Grigo, Co-Managing Director of the Digital Assets at Solarisbank. Moderator: Filip Sobiecki, Relationship Manager at Netguru.
    7:35 PM - 8:10 PM

    Payments Innovation - The Way We Pay is Changing Fast

    Speakers: Sven Dörfel, VP of Product - Online Payments & Risk at SumUp; Olov Eriksson, Chief Product Officer at Pleo; Adam Bialy, Chief Product Officer at OpenPayd. Moderator: Tomasz Grynkiewicz, Senior Editor at Netguru.
    8:15 PM - 8:45 PM

    Buy Now, Pay Later

    Speakers: Luke Furnell, Product Manager at Starling Bank; Jakub Czerwiński,VP CEE at Adyen, Nicolas Knecht, Co-Managing Director of the Lending Unit at Solarisbank. Moderator: Filip Sobiecki, Relationship Manager at Netguru.
    8:50 PM - 9:30 PM

    The Innovation Trap: Tensions and Successes of Bank and Fintech Interplay

    Speakers: Savitri Bishnath, Entrepreneur in Residence at Citi Ventures; Charley Ma, GM of Fintech at Alloy; Paulina Skrzypińska, Chief Innovation Officer at BNP Paribas Polska. Moderator: Isabel Woodford, senior reporter at Sifted
    6:00 - 6:20 PM CET

    A new way to look at retail finance customers [by Nucoro]

    In this session, we will delve into three potential audiences and suggests ways that financial services can understand their customers in order to re-engage, retain and delight them. Speaker: Nikolai Hack, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Nucoro
    6:00 - 7:00 PM CET

    Fintech growth through client engagement [by Opus Una]

    Interactive Q&A session discussing key techniques & methodologies for Fintechs to most effectively engage with institutional clients. Speaker: Sharmil Patwa, Founder at Opus Una
    7:00 - 7:30 PM CET

    Reimagining Customer Experience In Financial Services [by VONAGE]

    Focus of the session is to showcase the importance of customer experience within digital channels and how APIs can help financial services better meet customer needs and stand out from the competition. Speaker: Steven Giuffre, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vonage
    7:00 - 8:00 PM CET

    Better CX Through Better Communication: Driving Digital Transformation in Finance [by INFOBIP]

    We will show you how financial institutions can leverage communication to increase customer experience, which leads to higher revenue. Speaker: Toni Gerovac, Cloud Solution Architect at Infobip
    7:30 - 8:30 PM CET

    How to Transform Your Business with Blockchain & Fintech? [by Fintech Advisory Services]

    Learn how to transform your business operations wisely and ask a question on how to apply emerging technologies to your company. Speakers: Elena Obukhova, CEO and Founder at FAS and Sergey Ivanov, Founder at FAS

    Who is this event for?

    We would like to invite:
    • Executives responsible for Strategy, Innovation
      & Digital Transformation
    • Heads, Directors, and Leads from Design Teams
    • Managers and practitioners responsible for developing payment solutions
    • Data, Payments, Experts from enterprises and fast-growing companies

    The consequences of a rapidly changing financial landscape impact banking entities of all kinds. Traditional banks need to innovate more dynamically to compete with fintech startups.

    Startups encounter hurdles to their further development, such as regulations that don’t allow for AI and big data most innovative solutions. It seems now is the time for banks and fintechs to cooperate to achieve higher customer satisfaction.
    Jarociński Konrad 2 k

    Konrad Jarociński

    R&D Lead at Netguru

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