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Enabling and accelerating innovation in an enterprise media company
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Agora, one of the biggest publishing companies in Poland, faced a classic innovator's dilemma.


While their legacy print business was still growing, the company felt the need to invest in new ventures and expand their demographics.

  • Designing, developing and testing new types of products and business models.
  • Keeping costs and growth on par with new economy standards.
  • Adapting to and learning from early adopters and the digital generation.


Agora hired Netguru as a consulting development partner with a great amount of trust and advisory leeway. A key aspects of the project was maintaining operational stability of Agora's IT infrastructure.

  • Onsite and offsite product discovery workshops with Agora stakeholders.
  • Introducing new project management best practices (i.e. Agile methodology).
  • Development and deployment of new products was kept out of Agora legacy IT infrastructure.


Out of many ideas, three projects were chosen, successfully developed and introduced to the market. One of them found good product-market fit and was later sold to a third party.

  • Social network for travel lovers:
  • Image-sharing social media app for teenagers:
  • An online calendar for tracking and planning house construction.
Collaboration with Netguru had a lasting impact on our approach to innovation. We view Netguru as a partner, not a vendor. What we got from Netguru was not only a working technological solution, but invaluable experience about the process: how to structure it, how to pace and monitor it in order to achieve our business goals faster and with greater chance of success.

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