Clarity Case Study

A tool for scanning binary files in search of security vulnerabilities and legal risks
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Property rights to code can be a big deal, especially in large organisations. To scan hundreds of documents, a specialised tool is a must.

Clarity has one application – finding related security vulnerabilities, license information and potential legal risks. It's a necessity for many companies. Netguru took over an unfinished product and got all its functionalities to work.


  • Close cooperation with Insignary was crucial to ensuring the smooth transfer of the engine into the web platform.
  • Taking over a partially-build product is always difficult, as many bugs and unpleasant surprises may be found in the code.
  • All of the functionalities already existed - but none of them worked at full capacity.


Taking over the development process for the service involved solving issues and building upon the existing functionalities. The Netguru team was able to advise the client, make the right decisions and implement them very quickly. Our focus was the backend for the web platform as well as the frontend interface which allows users to start scanning and get results.

  • All problems were solved, new functionalities were added and the service is now stable.
  • Netguru's team provided their expertise and decisiveness, as well as advice on backend web development and system architecture, to fulfil project objectives.
  • Serious refactoring of the existing code was completed without mishaps or delays.


Clarity is a tool that scans binary files in search of security vulnerabilities and license information. It’ll be an asset for any corporate client that manages a third-party supply chain. The product answers a crucial pain point of corporations which assign large budgets to the production of internal software. As such, the service had to be scalable, reliable and functional.

  • The service was made functional according to plan and within deadlines.
  • The service has full functionality: it scans binary files, communicates with the interface, generates and exports reports.
  • The service is now ready to be presented to and used by corporate clients.


  • 822 commits
  • 52496 lines of code added
  • 140 tasks completed
  • 98.19% current test coverage
Even though I worked with Netguru for just 2 months, I am certain that the project would not have been completed without them, at least not at this level of success. The Netguru team had the courage not to hesitate to jump in the middle of a project and take over after another company had left. Another aspect I would like to point out was Netguru’s flexibility. I really appreciate their effort to meet a deadline even though it was set only a few days in advance. And I must say that the team was very well-organized, because they knew what needed to be done even before it came up. I was surprised by the heads up that the Netguru team provided us with - well before I asked them to do so. Additionally, all tests were conducted with due attention to 2 crucial aspects: security and performance. It was a pleasure to do business with Netguru and I hope our cooperation will not end with this project.

Yeonsoo Kim


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