Refactoring Old Code and Delivering New Features for ClickMechanic

Find the perfect mechanic for your car in just a few clicks
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ClickMechanic is a UK-based startup with the mission of bringing transparency to the previously obscure topic of car repair pricing.


They offer prices up to 50% lower than franchise dealers and make customers who don’t have specialist knowledge about cars feel safe.

  • We needed to refactor old code and deliver new features quickly.
  • There were limited internal processes related to software development at ClickMechanic.
  • The platform required designing several new features.


We introduced daily standups for the whole team, as well as retrospectives, estimations, quality assurance, Code Review, and additional planning meetings, which improved the overall quality of work on the project.

  • Web and mobile development by Netguru’s specialists.
  • Our team was an extension of ClickMechanic's internal team.
  • Aid with project management and organisation.


Within a few clicks,UK residents can choose the service they need for their car, select one of the vetted and recommended mechanics, and see and approve the fixed quote prior to the service.

  • Netguru delivered features in accordance with the roadmap prepared by the client.
  • The platform handles service and mechanic selection, price quotes, and secure payments.
  • A door-to-door service allows customers to have their car fixed from the comfort of their homes.


  • 50% of consumers feel like they get ripped off
  • £20 bln spent annually on car repair in the UK
  • 18,000 mechanics already onboard
  • 50% lowered prices compared to those of franchise dealers

Netguru are total professionals. The company has excellent processes and communication. I would recommend them to others. Our objective was to move quickly and increase our bandwidth. Working with Netguru helped us achieve this.

Andrew Jervis

Founder, ClickMechanic

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