Ecommerce Platform Case Study

Selling goods as monthly payments
professional support

The client's vision was to build an ecommerce platform for pay-as-you-go consumption of state-of-the-art tech gadgets.


  • An easy and quick solution for resource- and time-limited consumption.
  • Solving the problems of the temporary investment value of gadgets and limited functional shelf-life while making tech novelties more accessible.
  • Finding a partner who would provide extensive tech counselling and build a solid strategy for product development.


The client needed an experienced team to finish up a partially implemented project. Having several tech specialists in the team, including freelancers and part-time help, the client was still in the middle of creating a complete vision of the project.

  • Transparent communication throughout the whole process.
  • Creating the project’s staging and introduction of the automatic deployment process.
  • Developing solutions for inventory control and payment management.


Changing the experience of gadget rentals, developing the idea on a large scale and offering smartphones, laptops, tablets, VR rigs, wearables, cameras, video game consoles, etc., for rent with a simple monthly payment system.

  • Over 300 products to rent on the platform with no minimum contract periods or limits.
  • Users can rent electronics for a month and try them out before they buy for roughly 5% of the retail price.
  • NYC launch with expansion planned.

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